I forgot where I learned about Chingu, what I love about it though is the opportunity to be working remotely with other developers. We are on our first week in a 6-week team project and I’m both anxious and excited about this opportunity.

I finished the prerequisite task to enter the team project on the last day – because its almost finals week in school. That experience was thrilling and scary. I want to note down what I think are our biggest roadblocks, so we can improve during the next weeks.

I think most if not all developers know that clearly written tasks is key to a successful project. The problem for me is I haven’t worked remotely with anyone before, and I rarely write down a clear to-do-list. I hope some of my team members love doing this, as I will suck at it. However, I have to step up because this is a crucial skill, even my current university instructor keeps telling me to WRITE-THINGS-DOWN.

I’m fairly comfortable with Git when I’m alone, not so much when working remotely with other developers though. I read about some Git workflows before writing this, and I hope we don’t get stuck with sticky problems related to Git.

I hope this does not become a major issue, I consider myself chill so I hope it won’t be. Maybe I’m just overthinking things again, maybe our team project will run smoothly. Bottom-line is, I can’t wait to finish this strong.